Jan 14 2013



開心喵於2010年2月9日開始成立英文版,網址將為 www.happymeow.org 。

開心喵也於2010年2月正始棄用 blogger.com,而改用 wordpress,原因是 blogger.com 已不再支持 ftp。

Happy Meow was created on October 23, 2008 as a Chinese website which was originated from a personal blog. The aim was to serve as a non-profit site providing free information on cats to new cat owners.

The English version of  Happy Meow was created on February 9, 2010 with the web address www.happymeow.org.

Happy Meow officially abandoned the use of blogger.com as a publishing tool as Google decided to terminate its ftp service.  The current version of Happy Meow is published using webpress.

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